The Different Types of Golf Balls

There are many types of golf balls out there. Each type of golf ball has its own purpose, features and general composition. Before you get started in golf, you must first decide what your needs are in terms of the ball you will use. This is something that can take some time, so it is important that you plan it ahead of time.

The Different Types of Golf Balls

Here are the Different Types of Golf Balls


One of the most basic golf ball types is the one-pieces. These balls have a single hole with a dimpled surface on every side. This allows the ball to have good control over the course of the swing and also helps to maintain a good distance between the ball and the golfer.

The balls start with one layer of dimples along the inner perimeter and then works outward toward the center. Some of the best and least expensive one-pieces are made from acrylic or polycarbonate. They are smooth on the outside but can have some rough areas near the holes.

Two-layer balls

Two-layer balls are also popular because they give a little bit of backspin. They work great for long drives. These balls are great for practice. Two-layer golf balls generally have two layers of material along the inner perimeter of the golf ball. While this does add backspin, the balls are also known for having large amounts of drag.

Three-layer balls

Three-layer is also known as hybrid balls. They have layers of polymer that add a spin to the ball while still maintaining a high-quality feel and stability. You can change the level of backspin on these with the help of a switchblade on the club.


One type of material that is increasingly being used in making many different types of golf balls is dimples. Dimples are cut into the material to allow the ball to have more surface area to spin while still maintaining its round shape. Many types of dimples are used in junior golf clubs right now.

The first-generation dimples look like miniature danglers, with the indentation on the ball being more prominent. The second generation looks like tiny crescent shapes, with the indentation being just about the size of a nickel. You will also see some irons that have dimples, with the indentation being even smaller.


Some golfers prefer irons with solid steel or titanium or solid steel with liquid cores. This combination allows better torque and swing speed. Most of the time, this combination is preferred by more experienced golfers because they feel more comfortable using solid clubs and have more control with liquid-core golf balls.

Many golfers use hybrid irons, which combine irons with dimples and titanium. This allows them to have more spin with their shots and more control. Hybrid irons that utilize these combinations are also known as high spin golf balls. Many golfers with longer drives have used these combination irons and have loved them.

In Conclusion

It is crucial to choose what works best for you. Different golf clubs work better for different people, and all irons do not spin at the same rate for every golfer. Using the correct combination of golf ball and shaft can help reduce your handicap.

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