How You Can Improve at Golf as a Beginner

When considering taking up golf in life, most beginners would be advised to perform this on an actual driving range instead of diving straight into the golf field first.

Driving ranges are typically a casual place where the potential golfer can perform real work on their swing without the additional pressures of real play on a golf course hindering the progress.

A driving range is a perfect place to begin to work on correcting your golf shots.

Here Are Some Tips to Improve Your Golf:

Chipping shot

The first shot you should consider is your chipping shot. It is a simple task to make your chipping right but getting it just right is essential. One easy way to chipping is to tee off from too far away from the hole. This will help the ball get up to the true speed for the chipping shot and allow the golfer to experiment with different pitching styles from the tee.

The angle of the swing

A very important part of the swing is the angle of the club head during impact. Most amateur golfers underestimate the importance of this angle in the swing. With a weak angle at impact, the shot will be hit low on the fairway and can easily slice or fade to the right. Most experienced golfers will hold a full swing before hitting the ball, and most of the time, they will have the golf club pointing to the left.

Pitching the ball

If the ball is pitched up high or too far off the fairway, the golfer is probably too aggressive and trying to hit the ball too hard. The opposite is true if the ball is pitched up closer to the fairway.

Try a chipping drill at your range if you are unsure about this. Place the golf club on the ground next to the hole and take a swing. This will allow you to see precisely how hard you need to swing to get the ball into a bucket or on the green.


Golf is a difficult sport for many people because it requires so many different skills. Some people can swing a golf club and drive balls accurately, but it takes years of practice to perfect the short and putting games.

Beginners can improve their accuracy by taking lessons from an adult or hiring a tutor. Less expensive ways to improve your golf clubs are by using golf clubs at a driving range, taking lessons from an adult, or watching instructional videos on DVD.

Recovering Quickly

The final skill required to play the game of golf is learning how to recover quickly. When recovering from a lost ball on the green, most beginner golfers dive in without considering their position and the possible outcome of a dive.

However, the position and result of the dive can affect the outcome of the game. For example, if a player is behind his ball and dives in trying to retrieve a lost ball, he may find that the ball has moved far back, or the hole may have widened.

Golf Etiquette

If you are looking for a complete guide to the rules of golf and a solid etiquette lesson, then look to “Golf etiquette” by Andy Beyer.  This book teaches proper etiquette and gives you great insight into some of the top professional golfer’s habits. “Golf etiquette” is an excellent tool to have before hitting the golf course. In addition, this book offers an excellent glossary of popular golf phrases.

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